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You’re a leader responsible for bringing in revenue for your organization. And you’re not currently feeling inspired in your role.

You’re seeking change — the opportunity to showcase your strengths, be courageous, and motivate your team to show up to work as their best selves every day.

You’re longing for more moments of joy in your work. The stress and pressure are making you feel like considering other options. But your core values and beliefs make you a great leader, and you know it. And others know it.

See, you were made for this role.

You have the skills, personality, and determination to lead effectively. You just want to be able to leverage your strengths, build your influence network, empower your team, and grow the culture. And you want the right people to notice as you strengthen your personal brand.

You aspire to not only exceed goals (and yes, that’s still on your mind), but also build up your team to achieve more than they dreamed. You want to create a collaborative environment to brainstorm and break barriers with your stakeholders. You want senior leadership to take notice and to celebrate the cohesion, creativity, and coordination of all your hard work.

And, you want your values to align with your work.

You deserve it.

"One of Susan’s many gifts is her high emotional IQ, she has a gift for hearing what is not explicitly said and asks the right questions at the right time."

E.A., Nonprofit Director

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It’s my mission to change the world one woman leader at a time. Come join me.

As a consultant, I helped revenue teams accelerate their sales cycles. I flourished in sales consulting — I loved the high stakes, the game-changing opportunities, and the cultural zeal for growth.

As a sales leader, I loved recruiting sales talent and building a team of high performers. There’s no greater joy than coaching a salesperson to achieve more than they ever dreamed and building a team of collaborative champions.

During my many years as a consultant in the sales effectiveness industry, I realized that the most rewarding aspect of my work came from coaching women sales leaders. Supporting their growth into becoming amazing leaders was my most rewarding work.

After getting a master's degree in organizational leadership, completing executive coaching certifications, and becoming a board certified coach, I started my own coaching business focused on women sales and revenue leaders.

One of my key strengths — let’s call it a superpower — is my ability to read people and situations.

This superpower served me well as I navigated complex corporate environments as a consultant implementing change into the culture. I witnessed the political challenges that impacted a leader's ability to be effective. This strength helps me to hear my clients' perspectives and understand the context of their challenges.

I become a thinking partner for my clients and help them step into their leadership aspirations.

My work is grounded in a deep curiosity about our personal relationship to change and the belief that everyone has the potential to grow as a leader.

"I highly recommend Susan’s coaching philosophy for anyone who is truly committed to the idea of making transformative, positive changes in any aspect of their life!"

D. Z., Personal Fitness Trainer and Business Owner

Education & Experience

Masters of Organizational Development and Leadership, Fielding Graduate University
Bachelors of Liberal Studies, Barat College of DePaul University

Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF)
Executive Coaching Certification, Hudson Institute of Coaching
Conflict Resolution and Mediation Certificate, University of Nevada-Reno
Strategic Facilitation, Leadership Strategies Inc.

Facilitation Skills
Master Trainer: All Miller Heiman Group sales and leadership methodology certifications
Certified Facilitator: All Siebel Systems sales methodologies

Professional Associations
Association of Talent Development (ATD)
Sales Enablement Society (SES)
International Coach Federation (ICF)
Institute of Coaching (IOC)
Women in Revenue (WIR)
Women Sales Pros (WSP)

Volunteer Experience
Lean In Circle — Co-moderator for women’s empowerment program
Rotary International — Volunteer activities and keynote speeches
Humanitarian Coaches Network — Virtual coaching for global humanitarian and
development organizations in remote locations

"She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her work as a professional ICF credentialed coach specializing in leadership performance and excellence."

K.P., Executive Coach

The world needs the conscious leader in you.

It is both necessary and urgent for women to step into their roles as leaders in their career, in their family, in their communities, and in their lives. I excel at helping women connect to their core values, embrace change, access their courage, and develop complementary skills so they can become the conscious leaders they want to be.

Let me help you discover what that looks like.