Coaching Testimonials:

"One of Susan’s many gifts is her high emotional IQ, she has a gift for hearing what is not explicitly said and asks the right questions at the right time. She’s thoughtful and often follows up with helpful resources (i.e. podcasts, books, articles, and orgs) which feel supportive and helps advance my thinking in issues that are important to me, strengthens important relationships, and helps me focus and prioritize. I feel so grateful for Susan’s coaching and wholeheartedly recommend her."
— E.A., Nonprofit Director

"Having a coach who can develop and work on your goals is critical for sales team leads who want to up-level their skills. When I first started working with Susan, I quickly recognized her unique ability to unlock the steps I needed to take to tackle my annual goals. As we saw what tactics succeeded, we continually tweaked the plans to build on what was working. Within a few quarters, Susan was able to translate years of her sales experience into simple, actionable steps. It is rare to find someone who has that much experience in sales who is also able to teach and share skills with others. I’d recommend her to any of my colleagues looking to grow their account development skill set."
— K.T., Managing Director

"When COVID closed my place of employment after 23 years, I was thrown for a loop. Susan helped me to reassess what was truly important to me with regards to my career, and helped me to pivot in a different direction, transitioning from being an employee to launching my own business as a sole proprietor. She was supportive, encouraging, and helpful throughout. Six months into my transition, I am working fewer hours and making more money, as well as enjoying my work immensely. I highly recommend Susan’s coaching philosophy for anyone who is truly committed to the idea of making transformative, positive changes in any aspect of their life!"
— D. Z., Personal Fitness Trainer and Business Owner

"Susan sees situations clearly and strategically. She keenly understands individual emotions and drivers and can adjust the message and approach according to those factors. She knows how to leverage her resources and can always see ahead as well as staying grounded in the current situation. She is a coach and mentor and is always asking the right questions to uncover motivations."
— J.Z., Director, Global Sales Enablement

"Coaching has really helped me advocate for myself and given me validation to know that if I’m concerned about a thing, it’s concern-worthy. Honestly, it’s surprising to me that if I had not initiated a few courageous conversations, that I would have been excluded, spread thin. The organization feels like it’s in a volatile place and to survive here means feeling, getting clarity on what I need and speaking up, sometimes multiple times. Coaching has helped me to do this consistently."
— E.R., Board Member

"Susan, I just think you have such an incredible presence as a coach (you’ve always had this which made you so easy to learn from and look up to in our former work life!). Very warm, curious about others, non-judgement, supportive and willing to share very wonderful ideas and insights. I’m thrilled you’ve made the leap into coaching – I can see so many people really getting ahead by having a coach like you in their lives. Best of luck to you!"
— S.R., VP Sales

"Susan Mahoney is simply the best of the best! She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her work as a professional ICF credentialed coach specializing in leadership performance and excellence. I have known Susan for years and honestly can say that she is the first person I call when I have a complex organizational challenge that needs a very high level of assessment and recommendation. She knows the corporate world and how to support leaders at every level to excel. On a personal note, I especially appreciate that Susan is so easy to work with and makes herself available to help all of us to succeed in our chosen careers. Thank you Susan!"
— K.P., Executive Coach

Facilitation & Speaking Testimonials:

"I really enjoyed participating in the learning experience last week – happily absorbing both the conceptual selling methodology and the Susan Mahoney effectiveness style. I loved watching Susan in action. I think some of the magic she worked with our group had a lot to do with her combination of competency and non-judgmental approach. Plus, she had juuuust the right blend of: driving the group forward through a large body of learning, exploring and practicing in non-intimidating ways, and flexibility to side-step into content that she could see we needed. Really, it was great."
— M.D., CEO

"I wanted you to know that I rank you as one of the best teachers I have ever had. You inspired me to do my best, and I respect the way you present both yourself and the material to make it more than the sum of the parts. I am pleased to have worked with you and I wish you the best. You are the best."
— S.K., Director

"It was a real treat to attend this workshop and have Susan facilitate; her experience and expertise with Executive Impact was evident and added considerably to the value associated with this program. I look forward to developing and applying the concepts going forward and feel that Executive Impact will strengthen how I engage with executives in the future."
— C.S., Performance Consultant

"Quite simply, Susan Mahoney conducted an outstanding training session, not only in the explanation of the content and ideas, but just as importantly in how to deliver and teach that content. She is a truly gifted instructor and a credit to Miller Heiman--of the highest order."
— T.B. Business Development Director, Information Management

"I was lucky enough to be in one of Susan's training classes on preparing for sales meetings. Susan was terrific. She had the audience's attention and got them to be engaged. Everyone participated! I loved her energy and the content she presented. Training was never so fun!"
— S.B., Scientific Sales Manager

"Susan Mahoney often applied her experience as a consultant, and her corporate field experience to the material in class, and this lent a great deal of understanding to what is a complicated process. Not only was Susan's knowledge of the subject matter top notch, she shared great teaching tactics; again, that makes a very complicated process much more understandable. This material was really relevant, as we are coaching our sales reps at [our company] to acquire not only increased quantities of corporate deals, but increased quality and profitability in these deals."
— B.S. Project/Product Manager, Telecommunications

"I learned more applicable strategies in those classes than I did in my MBA from Kellogg. You were a great teacher and role model for my own teaching style."
— G.L., VP Sales

Consulting Testimonials:

"Susan and I worked together for many years while I was at Avery Dennison. She was not only a consultant but a true partner as we worked through a global transformation and focused on sales effectiveness. During the time we worked together, she also facilitated many sessions to certify our sales trainers. She is truly an expert in sales strategy, negotiation and managing relationships with the C-suite. Her professional and compassionate style was truly refreshing. Over the years Susan became more to me than a consultant - she became my sounding board and my friend."
— S.D., Head of Learning and Organization Development

"I truly cannot think of a single thing Susan could have done to improve. This was so valuable and her insight was so helpful. I also appreciated that she did her research on our company and the roles we play so she could offer up meaningful examples for us. She is fantastic!"
— J.G., Director of Sales

"I want to thank you again for an exceptional performance today. You really made the methodology sing under tight time constraints. However this deal comes out, you have improved our likelihood of success and reminded me of why you’re as successful as you are. Thanks for all your help."
— R.W., Performance Consultant