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If you’re ready to become the leader you’ve always imagined, you’ve come to the right place.

You’ve been working hard to keep your team afloat, motivated, and meeting revenue goals...and navigating internal politics. And, you find yourself struggling to find the satisfaction in your career.

You’re tired of focusing solely on metrics and measurements or worrying about juggling competing priorities and how senior leadership will react.

You want more of the joy that you hoped you’d find in a leadership role, and you know you can have it.

You coach your team through their own bouts of career dissatisfaction, supporting them to accomplish more than they’d ever dreamed. You’ve witnessed your peers transform before your eyes as they took steps to lead more authentically. You know that your superiors and stakeholders want you to show up as the powerful leader that you are.

Yet, you’re just not living up to your own vision of a conscious and inspired leader.

Here’s my question for you: Who is providing you the feedback and coaching that you need to thrive?

"Susan is very warm, curious about others, non-judgement, supportive and willing to share very wonderful ideas and insights."

S.R., VP Sales

Right now, what you’d really like is to:

  • identify your leadership true north and source of energy.
  • inspire your team to meet goals and push themselves to grow and innovate.
  • make your voice heard and your influence felt in a biased or challenging culture.
  • calculate your value and learn to leverage it.
  • accelerate your energy and move toward your personal and professional vision and goals.
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I’m here to tell you that all of this is possible.

We’ll work together to assess your current situation, chart your goals, and plan and implement the changes necessary to make you the most effective, authentic, and strategic leader you’ve always wanted to be.

"Susan sees situations clearly and strategically. She is a coach and mentor and is always asking the right questions to uncover motivations.”

J.Z., Director, Global Sales Enablement

Here’s how we can work together:

Coaching for You

You are a seeker. You embrace learning and continued professional and personal growth. I act as a thinking partner to support you on your leadership and personal journey.

I work with clients through 10-session Signature coaching packages, which includes:

  • Bimonthly 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Email and text support between sessions
  • Relevant resources to support your learning
  • A plan to help you sustain long term growth

Coaching for Your Teams

Your team is struggling to find balance and operate in a way that’s functional and collaborative. Or you’ve got a new team and you want to establish good team engagement.

I create custom coaching packages for leaders looking for cohesion and synergy in their teams.

In addition to group coaching sessions, the process may include assessments, interviews, feedback, and leadership development planning.

Mastermind Program

Sometimes a facilitated peer group setting is the best way for a leader to grow and develop.

I facilitate Mastermind groups for small groups of like-minded women leaders to strengthen leadership skills, obtain support, issue resolution, think more strategically, and gain accountability.

We’ll meet twice a month for three months for structured conversations determined by priority coaching topics and the group’s individual needs. New cohorts start every quarter.

Not sure which path is the right choice for you? Schedule a complementary strategy session to determine which approach is best.