Listen to that voice part 1 blog

Listen to that Voice!

Part 1 of 8 in my How to Choose a Coach Series

How do we manage that internal voice that tells us we need some change? We know that voice; it’s like a burning ember that doesn’t go away. I know that voice; it persuaded me to make significant changes in my life and career to become a certified leadership coach.  Coaching can be the vehicle to guide that voice towards a more satisfying life.
Why does someone choose to work with a coach?
Consider these scenarios… you are:
…feeling stuck in your current role. You’re not satisfied, and you’re not sure why
…taking on a new role and want to be fully prepared and confident as you begin
…ready for a new direction but aren’t sure where to start
…having some challenges in your current role that you aren’t sure how to navigate through
…having that moment of truth when you just know it’s time to get some professional support
Our career is a long game, there is a long runway. Having a vision of who we want to be as we travel that runway allows us to be happier on the journey. Coaching can help you define your vision, then help you get there. It will be impossible to achieve that vision if you keep doing what you’ve been doing. It will be impossible to achieve your vision if you’re not aware of your saboteurs. So, what needs to change for you to reach your vision?
Not all coaching experiences are equal. In my coming posts, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on coaching; How to choose a coach, the coaching experience, measuring progress, etc., but for now I’d like to hear your feedback.
What other issues and questions are important to you? Have you ever worked with a coach? Several coaches? Were they helpful? If so, why?