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Sales Coaching: What and When To Coach For Better Results

In my last blog, I addressed the underlying psychological aspects of coaching: personal acceptance of – or resistance to – change. In this blog, I will review the 5 different topics critical for sales managers to coach to and provide some questions for sales managers and coaches to use. A 2017 CSO Insights Sales Enablement…


Get Better At Feedback And Watch Your Career Advance

The state of coaching and mentoring in the business world—particularly in the sales world where I do the majority of my consulting work—is pretty lame. Researcher Brene Brown observes that a lack of meaningful feedback is the #1 reason that talented people leave their firms. If feedback is so critical to employee engagement and commitment,…


How to Stay Focused and Productive During Change

When I work with sales leaders and sales professionals in large organizations, I see a trend of massive changes, re-organizations, new leadership, new strategies, and new processes. Many people try to hunker down and wait out the changes, but, the changes aren’t going to stop. Unfortunately, by waiting, these people pull back on the activities…


Why Choose To Tune Into Gratitude This Holiday Season?

As the year comes to a close, it can be tempting to focus on what we haven’t finished or accomplished in our businesses, professional and personal lives. However, this attitude can add to the end of year stress. Instead of traveling down that disappointing train of thought, how about we take some time this season…


The One New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep For 2019

It’s that time of year again, full of holiday cheer and the itch to be better, richer, happier, or healthier as we move into the new year. We all know the futility of New Year’s resolutions; however, the new year does offer hope for the human spirit, hope for the new and different. So, how…

20180123 - Funnel Health Questions - Word Press Image

How to Tell Leadership About Poor Funnel Health

There’s a new CEO or senior sales executive in your organization who wants you to provide funnel data to create a useful forecast. But, you know that the current funnel health won’t meet the aggressive revenue goals. You are nervous. You don’t know how to respond without hurting your credibility or putting your job on…