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Teenagers Can Teach You About Leadership

12 Powerful Things Teenagers Can Teach You About Leadership

I recently spent a week as a camp counselor at a leadership camp for high school seniors. As I drove up into the mountains to the camp, I realized I didn’t know very much about what to expect. I’d asked several people connected to the camp about what it might be like. The answers I…

thriving through change

Thriving Through Uncertainty with Optimism and Acceptance

Dr. Robert A. Burton is a neuroscientist who has studied brain scans of people who demonstrate absolute certainty on a specific topic or issue and compared them with scans of people who practiced less certainty in their lives. In his book, “On Being Certain: Believing You Are Right Even When You’re Not,” Dr. Burton writes…

Breakdown Silos - New

Why High-Oxygen Leadership Is Best Way To Break Down Silos

As a sales performance consultant, I’ve recently seen several enterprise level proposals stalled or killed, as well as already embedded methodologies sidetracked by shiny new initiatives from other functional groups. As I took a minute from the ground tactics to see the larger picture, I noticed a few trends that are impacting organizational improvement initiatives.…

Coaching Before Crisis

Why You Should Develop A Coaching Practice Before A Crisis

Many sales managers and leaders embrace coaching for themselves and their teams when facing a crisis. Certainly, the motivation for change is strongest at this critical point. However, the chance of creating or cementing any lasting change when putting out fires is questionable. The International Coaching Federation reports that 85% of organizations have experienced an…

Leadership and Meditation

You Need A “Pause” Button As A Leader—This Is How You Get It

I’ve been working with salespeople, sales managers and sales leaders for most of my career. All of these years, I’ve helped them through training, coaching and other performance-based mechanisms. I probably don’t need to tell you about the efficacy of all of these wonderful interventions—it’s pretty dismal. Very few of these projects achieve intended results,…


This Mindset Shift Can Make You A Sales Coach

When companies train sales managers to be more effective coaches, more of their reps meet their sales quota and revenue increases, according to the Association of Talent Development. This correlation alone should be enough motivation for companies to train sales managers to be coaches. However, in my experience, most sales managers have never been appropriately…