Coaching Outcomes

How to choose a coach series - part 8

The desire for growth and change can come from within, or because of feedback received. We may desire changes critical to our way of being as a leader, and as a person. Changes we can’t make on our own. Most of us are unable to get a clear view of our blind spots, well-worn patterns and habits that may have served us in the past but hinder us now. Or perhaps we simply feel stuck and unsatisfied with our work and lives. Coaching can help us create small cracks in old habits and allow new learning, which can lead to change. 

Sustainable coaching outcomes start with building self-awareness and understanding what we want to change – and why.

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The Client Framework of the Signature Coaching Program

How to Choose a Coach Series - Part 7

This holistic framework is based on my experience working with people on their personal and professional growth journey, and provides context, structure and flexibility for the process. This framework is here to help guide your journey, as you take the lead for the focus, depth, and breadth of effort you choose to apply.

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The Coach’s Approach – Part 2: Logistical Components

Take time to understand the coach’s approach to the structure of the engagement. There is no right way to structure it. Most experienced coaches try several approaches and then settle into one that works best for them and their clients.

What is the process to purchase and activate the coaching services?  A few things to know…

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Decision Criteria

How to choose a coach series: part 2

Choosing a coach can feel intimidating. What decision criteria should you use? We seek out decision criteria for doctors, therapists, financial advisors, lawyers….why not for coaches? Here are a few important questions you should ask yourself as you assess potential coaches.

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Listen to that Voice!

How do we manage that internal voice that tells us we need some change? We know that voice; it’s like a burning ember that doesn’t go away. I know that voice; it persuaded me to make significant changes in my life and career to become a certified leadership coach.  Coaching can be the vehicle to guide that voice towards a more satisfying life.

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Working with a High Conflict Personality

Business people working with someone who is clearly high conflict.

As part of my new Leadership Is an Everyday Act series, I will be sharing tips, techniques, articles, podcasts, and other resources to support leaders on their growth journey. I believe that leadership is not simply a title, but a belief and value system.

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Why You Should Develop A Coaching Practice Before A Crisis

Many sales managers and leaders embrace coaching for themselves and their teams when facing a crisis. Certainly, the motivation for change is strongest at this critical point. However, the chance of creating or cementing any lasting change when putting out fires is questionable. The International Coaching Federation reports that 85% of organizations have experienced an…

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This Mindset Shift Can Make You A Sales Coach

When companies train sales managers to be more effective coaches, more of their reps meet their sales quota and revenue increases, according to the Association of Talent Development. This correlation alone should be enough motivation for companies to train sales managers to be coaches. However, in my experience, most sales managers have never been appropriately…

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How Sales Can Give Women A Bright Professional Future

As a 20-year-old college graduate (many years ago), my first job was as an account representative in the advertising industry. My father had a very successful career in sales that led to senior leadership positions, and he encouraged me to stay on the sales path, emphasizing the appeal of a flexible schedule, lots of variety…

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